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Comments made by sc1986

Road Rage Incident At Camp Pendleton Grabs National Headlines (Video)

A) I am not claiming that those that serve in the military are better than anyone else. They are not, however, as claimed by posters on this article rapists or uncontrollable maniacs. In fact I would argue the opposite of what you claim. If this was a video of a random civilian it would not elicit any response. Slap the Marine title on there and “whoa” this one incident is indicative of pervasive mental instability in our military.

B) You grossly mischaracterize the Uniform Code of Military Justice when you say that members of the military are treated less severely. If you actually read the articles under which a service member can be charged you will see that they cover many more offenses that are not normally covered under federal or state law, ie adultery, conduct unbecoming. Furthermore, since the UCMJ is considered federal law, service members can be prosecuted twice, once under the UCMJ and again under state law and it is not double jeopardy under the separate sovereign doctrines. So yes there are two separate courts, and those in the military are prosecuted under both unlike civilians.

C) There is extensive training, including physical and mental evaluations, which Marines returning from even non-combat deployments undergo. These are spaced out, prior to returning, immediately upon return and then spaced out in several months from there. So again your response shows that you have not even made a basic attempt at trying to confirm any truth in your assumptions. You can research programs such as the “Back in the Saddle” Training, or post deployment and pre-deployment health assessments if you would like.

D) Marines have not been in Iraq for several years. The vast majority have been deployed in Afghanistan, a conflict that had broad bi-partisan and international support.

Lastly, you write “It seems as if military leadership enforces this "untouchable" mentality into their recruits. This may be very helpful in giving them confidence on the battlefield, but it is dangerous when they are put back into civil society with this "I'm untouchable, I can do whatever I want" attitude.”

Coming back from a combat environment enforces the exact opposite response. Marines have seen their brothers and sisters die or get injured in gruesome ways. They know that they are not untouchable more than your average 21 year old. If anything they celebrate the gift of life and the relationships they have with others.

You can continue to perpetuate myths about service members, but I hope that you ask some critical questions about your current beliefs pertaining to these subjects.

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Road Rage Incident At Camp Pendleton Grabs National Headlines (Video)

I do not know where to begin. Frankly the ignorant statements and blind generalizations made by all of the previous posters are downright offensive. How dare you slander the honorable service of thousands of Marines. How quick the public is to divorce itself from any responsibility when their civilian elected leadership asks the military to go in harms way! We are a self-serving society now but I will always be proud of those who volunteered to serve their nation. Take a trip to the Wounded Warrior Battalion, you can see how "certain people in our society are able to get away with so much more." If anything Marines are held to a stricter code than civilians and are punished accordingly when they stray from the right path. Please educate yourselves before you make such broad damning statements.

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