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Comments made by scalawag

Book Review: 'Step Right Up: I'm Gonna Scare the Pants Off America'

Your review and your brief discussion of Castle's gimmicks reminds me of a PT Barnum quote from the introduction to Herman Melville's The Confidence Man:

"The greatest humbug of all is the man who believes--or pretends to believe--that everything and everybody are humbugs. We sometimes meet a person who professes that there is no virtue; that every man has his price, and every woman hers; that any statement from anybody is just as likely to be false as true and the only way to decide which, is to consider whether the truth or a lie was likely to have paid best in that particular case. Religion, he thinks one of the smartest dodges extant, a first rate investment, and by all odds the most respectable disguise that a lying or swindling business man can wear. Honor he thinks is a sham. Honesty he considers a plausible word to flourish in the eyes of the greener portion of our race... Poor fellow! he has exposed his own nakedness. Instead of showing that others are rotten inside, he has proved that he is."

From Barnum's Great Buffalo hunt to Castle's Percepto and Coward's Corner, a clever gimmick is its own reward (as is a clever humbug).

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Screening: 'Theater of Blood'

nice piece!

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