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Comments made by schroyermichael

San Diego's Unemployment Rate Remains Unchanged; Stays At 7 Percent

Part of the problem is San Diego had a large building trend from about 1988 on ward to 1998 as a way of sort of releasing its bonds from the Navy, and revamping Downtown and surrounding areas to increase its tourist industry. Also at the time they where repairing quite a few ships in the ship yards. One problem was that around 1999 there began to be an economic downfall and then of course was the big collapse of real estate in California, this almost devastated San Diego because now that it relies on tourist, vacationers and retired people it began losing major business. I began to see bars and clubs that where opened 7 days a week reduce their hours to about half or only a few days a week. Also San Diegos upper 10% are looking for the best of the best, I mean your not getting even in the door with nothing more than a BA their looking for people with Masters and PHD's. San Diego's going to have to take a different look or come up with a different strategy to combat unemployment in that City, Lets get down to Brass Tax....There are Two many people in California and not even close to enough jobs to cover it. San Diego....Your Over Populated. Ive heard that people are moving out of California in Droves...If this is true I don't Blame You...Hay Get Out of There While The Goings Good.. Im Sorry I just don't see recovery for San Diego any time soon


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