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Comments made by scortez

Students Suffer When Deportation Tears Families Apart

Dear California Defender,
I am a Mexican immigrant and naturalized American citizen. Your so called "concern and admiration" for legal immigrants is so disingenuous that it sickens me. While I agree that there are legal Mexican immigrants and American citizens of Mexican descent that have opinions like those you mentioned in your message, they are not truly representative of the immigrant community. They are like many Americans that get caught up and buy the hyperbole of the xenophobic, racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric that portrays undocumented immigrants as criminals, who bring drugs and crime to this country. These anti-immigrant groups stir up fears of hordes of lazy "illegals" who simply come to this country to get welfare and steal free social services form hard working Americans. If they would only would stand up in line like all other legal residents did, they cry. So I can see why in this climate even legal immigrants would believe these scary stories.
The fact of the matter is that your tirades are targeting legal immigrants as well. You really hide the fact that your organization like the minutemen are really against all immigrants and that you are reactionary groups that are simply fearful of the changing demographics of states in the southwest.The increasing populations of Americans of Mexican descent scare you. You hide your racist attitudes and xenophobia behind a mantle of fairness and of concern for the "legal immigrants" while in reality you want Mexicans to go away. When your friends like your congressman Duncan Hunter disclose their true feelings that they want to deport so called "anchor babies" even though they are American citizens your true colors are shown. An by the way do you really know how long it takes for people who want to follow the normal immigration rules? How about 123 years in some cases.
An lastly, more evidence of you anti immigrant bias regardless of status. If you are so angry against "illegals" flooding America why don't you vehemently and with the same degree of vitriol attack American corporation and good ol' Americans who continuously hire these workers. SB1070 has provisions that deems criminal and a violation of the law the hiring of undocumented workers. This is the same law that has been in existence for years at the federal level. I want to see your organization publicly decry corporations and your wealthy neighbors who hire these workers under inhuman conditions and paying them indentured laborers' wages. If you apply the same vitriol and disdain for these white collar criminals that you use against the poor and powerless Mexican workers that come to this country because there are jobs to be had, maybe I'll begin to believe that you are serious about solving the illegal immigration problem.

May 19, 2010 at 2:25 p.m. ( | suggest removal )