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ConDor: Aliens, Conspiracies, & Feds, Oh My!

I was one of the speakers at this year's ConDor convention, and I overheard several of the attendees saying that they'd heard Maureen's interview on KPBS - which was the first time they'd ever heard about ConDor. That's a little surprising, for an event that's been around for almost 20 years!
One of the nice things about ConDor is that it's a small, friendly event that really lets fans, readers, and enthusiasts interact with the authors, experts and panelists.
Thanks, KPBS, for letting a bunch of San Diego sci-fi fans discover a great "new" event in our city!
Scott Farrell
Author: The Fall of a Slayer
Co-Author: Steampunk Shakespeare
And ConDor 2012 Panelist

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What The Code Of Chivalry Can Teach Us Today

Anyone interested in the book "Martial Arts And Philosophy" can pre-order a copy at

The book will be released in mid- to late October, and there'll be a book signing event held in San Diego when it's released.

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What The Code Of Chivalry Can Teach Us Today

Thanks Maureen - and "These Days" listeners - for a great dialogue about the history, literature and philosophy of the code of chivalry. I think we really got an opportunity to explore some facets of chivalry in both history, and in today's world as well. Anyone interested in learning a bit more about Western martial arts, and the associated philosophy of chivalry, might like to join me on Friday evenings in October at the Team Touche Fencing School in Sorrento Valley ( for an introduction to Western martial arts workshop! To learn more about the Chivalry Today program, including how to schedule one of our presentations for a school, library, camp or other group, visit our website at

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Hit Musical Spamalot on Stage in San Diego

Don't forget to listen to Christopher Gurr's interview on the Chivalry Today Podcast, which is produced right here in San Diego. ( It'll give you a whole new perspective of Spamalot!

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Take a look at Spamalot from a little different angle - Christopher Gurr was also recently a guest on the Chivalry Today Podcast (produced here in San Diego) and talked about how Spamalot reflects the ideals of chivalry and the modern image of King Arthur and his knights. You can listen at the Chivalry Today website:

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