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Comments made by scottportraits

California Could Legalize Marijuana Next Year

I don't think passing such a measure as AB390, which would legalize and regulate cannabis, would cause an increase in drug abuse among young people and teens.
Stricter regulations than secreting liquor or cigarettes to kids for profit. Tax incentives outweigh real or imagined liabilities.
People could grow their own and be self-sufficient.
Plastic cards tell law enforcement if their 'license fee' is current.

Easy solutions.

Barack Obama, January 21, 2004: “The war on drugs has been an utter failure. We need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws…we need to rethink how we’re operating in the drug war. Currently, we are not doing a good job.”

Support Medical Cannabis Access

In California: vote YES on Legalizing Marijuana

Support - Police Against Prohibition

Support - MJ Lobby in Wash, DC

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Border Battle: Tijuana Drug Cartels Target Police

I wonder how much of the cargo coming into the US is marijuana, and how much of it is powdered drugs. I believe I read somewhere that 70-80% of the "cartels" profits are from marijuana; and that 2/3rds the marijuana in the US is from Mexico.
I didn't see any mention about it in this interview, but I'd like PBS to inquire into it and see if it is true.
Why? Because there is a tremendous movement in our country to legalize it, make it a job-generating cash crop, and tax it so the government coffers are replenished with revenues.

PBS editors & reporters: Wouldn't this make the cartels and smuggling wars 70% obsolete ?

It's an interesting line of thought, but you'd need to research it out and see exactly (approximately) what those estimated figures really are.

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San Diego DA Wants Rewrite Of Medical Marijuana Laws

This whole case reeks of police entrapment, and forged/falsified medical and identity documents. Since when can police act just like criminals so as to frame whoever they don't like ?

Obviously Bonnie Dumanis is an ambitious politician who wants publicity and notoriety. Well, now she has it. And even though she lost the first of about 14 other similar cases, she wants to continue to crusade against cannabis dispensaries.

San Diegans: VOTE "NO" on Bonnie Dumanis next election.

Support Medical Cannabis Access

Florida Voters: Download Florida petition at:

In California: vote YES on Legalizing Marijuana at:

Support - Police Against Prohibition

Support - MJ Lobby in Wash, DC

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Medical Marijuana Laws Are Hazy

What ever happened to capitalism and the 'free marketplace' ??
I'm sure the justification was that of 'public safety'. Dispensaries have been robbed elsewhere in California. There might be loitering, and people smoking dope in the streets.
Surely every convenience store, liquor store, and jewelery store poses a threat of robbery, and in fact DO get robbed.

So dispensaries should be required to have several safety features, where ever they propose to set up shop.

1) A metal detector at the front door.
2) An armed guard at that door.
3) Security cameras inside and out.
4) A second, back room where all the money and merchandise is stored in vault-like boxes. The front room is a waiting room where they go back one by one and make their purchases.
5) Signs and rules prohibiting loitering in front or anywhere 100 yards of the shop.
6. Signs prohibiting smoking, even tobacco, anywhere near the store.
7. Location at least 1/4th mile from any school, park, or church.

The real reason the officials just said 'NO' is quite obvious. They are from the puritanical, hypocritical 'reefer madness' generation and don't want no hippies and pot-heads encouraged to exist in their jurisdiction.

Supporters should get a lawyer and challenge this in court. Why wasn't there a rally?? To all you locals who wanted the dispensary: make a list of every name on the council and mayor's office, and be sure to VOTE THEM OUT next election. Hit 'em hard with letters, e-mails, and phone calls now; then follow up in a few weeks with another round. Let them know you will actively campaign against their re-election starting NOW !!
Perhaps a patient who isn't too sickly can even run to take their spot in the seat. Anything can happen in a 'free market' system.
Anything but, God-forbid, a cannabis co-op!!

What's wrong with these people ? Don't they want to raise state sales tax revenues ? Don't they want to help soothe the suffering of sick people ? They sound really cold and heartless - are you sure you want to vote for them in the next election ??

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San Diego Hazy About Medical Marijuana Rules

Right. After 13 years this city (and other California jurisdictions) are still stalling and making a mess of the whole idea. Patient's go without medicine and relief. Taxes that would be levied are never collected. Co-ops and dispensaries are never allowed to open. Ongoing scrapes with local law enforcement continues......

Why don't they just do it and let it be taxed ? What century are we in...the 17th, the 19th ??? It all seems so Puritanical, and hypocritical.

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