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Comments made by scottw

Should County Ban Project Labor Agreements?

Again, union supporters miss the point. Lorena kept saying that all the unions are interested in is living wages and health coverage for workers. PLAs provide neither. The "prevailing wage" concept is a government concession that guarantees that union contractors can compete with non-union contractors on government work. The contract sets the wages (typically union scale), and benefits, (again, the currently negotiated package), that must be paid to each worker on that project. The difference is, non-union contractors pay the combined wage and benefit package directly to the employee, which cuts the union out of hundreds of dollars per week, per worker. On a job with a PLA, non-union contractors are required to pay that benefit money to the union, and the employees must agree to pay union dues for the duration of their employment on the project. So, the unions get to collect all of that benefit money for workers who are not in the union and will never see any of the benefits that they and their employers have paid for. Lorena is right when she says people cannot be forced to join a union, but they can be forced to pay money to a union that they don't belong to, and will never see any benefit from.

Once people understand that a YES vote on Prop A simply means that people cannot be forced to become involved with unions in order to work on a county project, the choice becomes simple.

October 14, 2010 at 11:22 a.m. ( | suggest removal )