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How Blogging Is Changing What We Write

Another thought on blogs: Blogs allow people who are the source of the news to communicate directly with the world. While there has been a rise in blogs powered by information-gathering organizations like Engadget and Mashable there is a real potential for those who are actually making the news to put out the information first-hand. News sources have the ability to be their own scoop instead of going through middleman organizations first.

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How Blogging Is Changing What We Write

Blogging has certainly given rise to a new breed of journalists. I still think of journalism as a profession that requires thorough training and a solid skill set coupled with Murrow-esque ethics. Call me traditional.

I read lots of blogs. Especially technology-centric blogs. What I have noticed in most of these blogs is that the writers try really hard to compose their pieces to sound intelligent, but usually come off like a high school journalism report. It's like they are sitting there with a thesaurus trying to plug big words into the story to give it legitimacy.

Because the "blogosphere" is in a 24/7 news cycle there is a lot of pressure for these teams of neo-journalists to keep pumping out stories to attract a constant stream of readers. So, while this blogo-engine keeps churning out stories I think we are losing the art of good journalism.

There will always be good journalists who go to school and learn the art... but because the weblog is so accessible, the trained Journalist will always be outnumbered by the blog-journalist.

However, I do support the idea that blogs are an important medium for delivering information. I get a lot of information and news from them. I just think that quality over quantity has huge merits. Our journalism schools should be incorporating practical theories in their curricula about writing for the web.

(by the way... I appreciate the high quality output from the team at KPBS)

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