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Comments made by sd760

Candidate Helps Run Group That Says Homosexuality Can Be Cured

I thought you progressives were all into diversity. What's wrong with having a trustee with a different opinion than yours on homosexuality and muslims? Step out of your liberal bubble for a minute and you will see there are many people that have a different point of view.
Please spare me the generalization that anyone who stands against homosexuality is homophobic or bigoted. Over half of California stood against it on Prop 8. For most people it's a deeply held religious belief, one that is against homosexuality but NOT against the homosexual person. Yes, it is possible to like a person even when you dislike something he or she is engaged in.
As for Muslims... I challenge you to do research on the history of Islam and how it spread, and is still spreading. You will discover that Mohammed left a command to conquer the world for Islam. You will find that it has spread mainly by military action first in the Arabian peninsula, then east across Africa and north into Asia. There was a determined effort to spread into Eruope but it was stopped by the Crusades. Many uninformed individuals condemn Christians for the Crusades. Sure, there were atrocities... on both sides. War is hell, but the Crusades represent the first offensive action to stop the military takeover of the world by Islam. Until then one city at a time fought a defensive war against it. I thank God the Crusades were a success.
The spread of Islam stagnated for several centuries due to the Crusades and a dwindling treasury to fund the effort. Guess what? They now have tons of money again since the 1970's from oil production. They are still living under the same command from Mohammed and they are still acting on it. They realized that they don't need to conquer the free world by force. They simply emigrate to those countries and build up their numbers until they can vote in sharia and vote out freedom. You don't think that is happening already? Take a look across Europe. Take a look at Dearborn, Michigan. I'm glad that we share the same view on freedom and how Homeland security and other government agencies have chipped away at the Constitution and our freedom for decades. Under Islamic rule there is no freedom. They focus on submission to sharia law and their leaders. How do you think you'd like living in an islamic America? Don't be so naive as to beleive it can't happen here. All it takes is political correctness and apathy. Learn about Islam. You will find that it isn't like the other main religions of the world. The other main religions teach voluntary conversion, love and tolerance for one another. Islam teaches hate, murder and conversion by force. It is more of a political ideology than a religion.

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