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Comments made by sdcitizen

County Supervisors Say 'No' To Legalizing Pot

"District Attorney Dumanis opposes Prop 19 because she says it would create more problems for police.

“Just look at alcohol and prescription drugs and how they’re abused right now. It’s just a forbearer (sic) of what’s going to come in the future," said Dumanis."

Wow....Really this is a direct quote?

I can not believe this individual is our district attorney. Am I the only one that find these comments beyond absurd?

So by this logic we should make all prescription drugs illegal? As well as alcohol because of their potential for abuse?

So then to take this to the next step all foods that are high in sugars and fat should be made illegal as well because of their potential for abuse?

Wouldn't this be what we call a slippery slope argument which every 7th grader learns in speech and debate class as and example of how not to structure an argument because of it's inherent logical flaws?

I am embarrassed she holds an elected office. Personally I do not care if this drug is legal or illegal.

What I do care about now is the obvious level of ineptitude in our fiscally and intellectually bankrupt city and those elected officials who have taken us to this point.

September 14, 2010 at 9:44 p.m. ( | suggest removal )