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Comments made by sdcitizens

Questions Mount For DA In Slaying Of SD College Student

There is no accountability for the DA's office, particularly when it comes to their handling of DV cases. Diana did everything - to the letter- that a DV vicitim should do. She filed a report and stayed away from the perp and fully engaged her support system. Can you imagine what it's like to be raped, kidnapped, and terrified for three whole days and have that person walk out of jail scott free? I can't imagine the heartbreak she must have felt when he was freed.

I also can't imagine the fear she and her family lived in as she tried to live her life with this animal out on the street stalking her, and then ultimately killing her, like prey.

I had a friend who had two DV incidences that she reported and her husband wasn't taken in. She was told by the investigating officers that the DA isn't prosecuting DV cases as in years past due to budget cuts. In other words, if it's not a slam dunk, then tough luck. Well Diana's case certainly seemed to be a slam dunk and she did not retract her testimony like so many victims do.
The dollars they could have used to investigate this case are now being used to catch this animal who is still roaming the streets.

The DA must provide some transparency and stop hiding behind the "it's a continuing investigation" veil. We as a commnunity demand to know why Diana was not protected!

October 21, 2010 at 9:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )