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Comments made by sdnative

Are Tea Partiers Hate Groups?

I listened to the entire show, and tried to call in after hearing the opening comments made by Terri Linell. While I understand that she was a last-minute stand-in for the scheduled interviewee, she did a poor job of trying to support her "group".
1) Government agencies being "too big" and "telling you what you can and cannot do" with your 20 acres of land in Poway has nothing to do with state or federal governments, fiscal responsibility by our government, and certainly has nothing to do with the current economic situation we are experiencing. My gut feeling is that Ms. Linnell has had an experience of dealing with the City of Poway's development department and City Counsel (which by the way has a heavy Republican membership) and they simply are enforcing the general plan and zoning ordinances that may affect the 20 acres of property they own.
2) Ms. Linell's reaction to the question of racism at the Tea Party events was horrible. All political parties, including hard far-right politicians, have denounced the comments and racist currents that are developing since Mr. Obama has taken office. To say something in her blog about it "not being nice" falls short from saying on the radio "We absolutely denounce it. We do not support it, we do not practice it, and we do not welcome that type of language, behavior or belief in our group." Anything less shows that they either don't care, or choose to allow those beliefs in order to build their membership rosters.
3) Regarding the acts of terrorism related to other extremist groups, as referred to by Ms. Beirich: again Ms. Linell has mistaken her personal issues with those of her "group". She claimed that 21 people died in the recent brush fires because "the environmentalists would not let them clear brush from the back country", and this then makes it "terrorism" on behalf of the environmental groups. RUBBISH! Ms. Linell's point fails in two areas: one, she wants government to be smaller, yet she feels that it's the government's duty to clear brush, or mandate that land be cleared on private properties. And two, how would she feel if the City of Poway mandated that she had to clear her entire 20 acres of land for fire clearances, and if she refused, she would be charged with murder in the event another wildfire comes through Poway?
4) Ms. Linnell claims that the tea party group wants less taxes and a smaller government, yet they want to still have the roads maintained, their schools in great shape, and other services provided by state and federal governments, like fire control and tightened sex-offender monitoring.

In my opinion, judging by the representative the San Diego Tea Baggers chose to speak on their behalf, their movement is nothing more than an unorganized, selfish, uninformed and gullible people who reek of the "I got mine, now screw you" syndrome.

March 15, 2010 at 1:42 p.m. ( | suggest removal )