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Comments made by sdta62

Is Overemphasis On Testing Hurting Schools?

Brava, Diane Ravitch!

But when you're in California, you're in a State that pays an experienced teacher to retire early so they can save [using 1996 figures] the $48,000 they pay him for a Master's degree, extra units, and 15+ years experience [34 in my case]. They can then use the $48,000 saved to hire two new teachers with no experience at $26,000 each. That's great for getting more teachers for less or raiding the State education allocation. Not as good for maintaining a quality education.

And, Diane, when you're in San Diego, you're in a city that doesn't want to pay taxes for anything. People can see they're in trouble when the old water pipes they didn't replace break. They can't see that the new workers they didn't educate well will not be able to earn enough in unskilled or semi-skilled jobs to maintain the lifestyle for the older workers that those older workers have become accustomed to.

We used to be able to import highly skilled workers, but now they can work in their own emerging market countries. America could participate in the new global economy, but, since what we've got to trade to other countries is technical innovation and services, we can't participate well without highly educated workers.

So we're not willing to pay for a strong public school system? We'd rather become a second-class nation?

November 4, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. ( | suggest removal )