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Mayor Filner Weighs In On Sequestration And More

How is the TMD a public-private partnership when all board members are wealthy hotel owners? Let's have some public representation on our TMD, like other California TMD's such as Oceanside, Santa Cruz Co., and Napa Valley. Then I'd be more comfortable in how these folks spend public tax dollars for the next 40 years.

For some reason San Diego is always the exception to the common-sense rule (true public representation) on these matters, and it's because our elected officials are dependent on the good old boy network of business interests for campaign contributions. See: hotelier donations to city council, former Mayor Sanders' $300K+/yr job with the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

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Manchester's Foray Into Journalism Elicits Praise And Worry

This comment thread is becoming a public proclamation of cancelled UT subscriptions. Just wanted to add my username to the list. We cancelled on day one of the Manchester takeover.

Papa Doug and Lynch are among the worst possible people to be representing San Diego.

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A Surprisingly Walkable Neighborhood

Hi Tom, great post, thanks. I'm jealous that you can walk to work!

Another thing to consider with "longer" walks is that the surrounding environment can influence one's decision on whether to embark on it. I'm guessing your neighborhood has interesting houses to look at during your walk, and relatively light/slow traffic. Compare that to walking on a sidewalk on a feeder road in the newer suburbs, where it's just you, a wall, and lots of cars speeding past at 60+ mph. I might want to go for a walk if I lived in say, Eastlake, but it's hardly an enjoyable one, and the distances to something rewarding are often much more than a mile (as the post above mentioned).

Glad you like your new neighborhood, we'll miss you in Normal Heights. And thanks again for the flagstone installer reference!

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