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Comments made by sdvtr

Prop 32: Pro, Con And Where The Money Is Coming From

This report on Prop 33 is inadequate; it leaves more questions than it answers. Both interviewees made unclear statements, and the interviewer fails to pin down their meaning. On top of that the discussion is so brief that they hardly get to explore the topics and issues.
• Are there or aren't there exclusions?
• What is meant by "the measure goes as far as is constitutionally allowed to limit union and corporate contributions?" (What is the legal restriction?)
• If union members or coporation employees can opt out of payroll deductions going for political purposes, does that mean that they still have the same amount deducted and it is used for running the organization while an equivalent amount of the organization's budget is diverted from the balance of others' contributions to make up for their opting out?
• What does Groth mean when he says, "This is really an attack … trying to silence the middle class. It is putting corporate interests first."

I could go on, but I find it frustrating how little light this interview sheds on the issues.

November 1, 2012 at 7:54 p.m. ( | suggest removal )