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Comments made by seasidelady

The Cost Of Life In Prison

The only way out of this hole California is in, is to change our sentencing laws; go back to reasonable sentences. Go back to the states matrix for the lifers. Go back to justice and not vengence!

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The Cost Of Life In Prison

With the 40 million dollars a month in overtime pay alone, plus 80 - 120 thousand a year regular salaries just for the guards, we know where all the prison budget goes. Very little on the inmates in food cost, clothing, and even less on rehabilitation. It was less than 4%, now I hear, it's about 1%. Our governor says we can't afford rehabilitation!!!!!!!! Free people don't believe the prison business is very lucritive but it is. They really don't want rehabilitation; that would cut into their profits. That's why they want the inmates to stay for life, or keep coming back - then we can put the contractors and others to work building more prisons, hire more guards, keep paying the parole boards their 175 thousand per year to pretend they are having a hearing to determine if the inmate is ready to be released. No matter how well the inmate does or how many years he/she has served on life with they always find a lying excuse not to parole them. Less than 1% of lifers get paroled. But! that wasent' the sentence or the deal. The deal was, be good, rehabilitate, do your time well and get paroled!

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The Cost Of Life In Prison


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