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Efforts In San Diego Help Critically Endangered Wolf

Erin Hunt said above "So in Yellowstone national park when wolves returned, they kept the elk herds on the move. What she or he fails to say is that since the introduction of wolves into Yellowstone the northern herd of elk was numbered at around 20,000 animals. That herd was at a stable or slightly growing number. In a mere 16 years the wolves have decimated that herd down to less than 5000 animals. She says the wolves have "kept them moving" that is true but she is not saying that in 16 years the wolves have killed or eaten almost 3/4 of that herd. Wolves do not abide by game managers to keep the ungulate populations in check. The management goal was supposed to keep the numbers of wolves down to around 75 or so in the park but the wolf advocates not caring one bit about the deer, the elk, and the moose and bighorn sheep have repeatedly thwarted any management of the wolf. (I am talking management about the surrounding states now, not Yellowstone) They have fought tooth and nail in the courts to not abide by the set agreements of all parties at the time, which at the time included Defenders of Wildlife and other such so called conservation groups, the hunters groups, the ranchers and all other parties involved. They are doing this in the whole state of Idaho and Montana. I may be slightly wrong on how many wolves they thought Yellowstone could accomodate and keep a balanced eco system.
As you all know hunting is not allowed in the national parks, however the wolf advocates are hell bent on not allowing any management whatsoever of this apex predator outside the parks.

If you do your research you will see that the numbers of wolves which all parties agreed upon in the state of Idaho which was originally set at I believe 150 wolves has grown to an alarming number of anywhere between 1800 and more probabably 5000 wolves. The state only counts wolves at the time when there numbers are fewest in the year, they also do not count wolves that are not collared or known to run with collared animals. All the people who live near and around these predators know and will tell you your being lied to about how destructive the wolf is to not only the wildlife but to the beef that at least some of you like to eat, the pets and horses and all other critters associated with man.

Not to mention the diseases and parasites wolves carry. Before the wolf was introduced Echinoccocus Granulosus was not prevalent at all in the lower 48. Now they are spreading this horrible tapeworm to not only the deer, the elk and all other hooved creatures but they are spreading it to the pet dogs who live near the wolf. It is being found in the lungs of elk and moose that are harvested and will soon be in the free range beef more than likely.

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