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Comments made by shannontmbg

Fresh Research Finds Organic Milk Packs In Omega-3s

I think this is a good article, but I think the author left out 2 key interesting points for California consumers.

First, the good omega 3 fatty acids were actually higher in the conventional milk in the California study. The author's propose that this was due to the northern california cows eating more grass than other state's "conventional cows". So if you live in Norcal, drink the cheap stuff. Its better for you! Living in Socal, our milk probably comes from the central valley and probably has lower omega 3 fatty acids than organic.

Secondly, the positive health benefits of organic milk only occur during the grass harvest season in Spring and Summer. The omega 3 levels in conventional and organic are almost the same in the fall and winter.

In conclusion, drink the normal milk from norcal, otherwise if you care about omega 3 levels, buy the organic milk only in the spring and summer.

December 10, 2013 at 9:34 p.m. ( | suggest removal )