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Feds Urge Fluoride Levels Be Watered Down

Rats given 1ppm fluoride in water developed the plaques and lesions indicative of Alzheimer's disease (Varner et al, 1998 in the journal Brain Research). The aluminum in the rat's diets complexed with the fluoride, which carried it across the blood-brain barrier. Rats given aluminum fluoride complexes fared even worse.

24 published studies link fluoride consumption with decreased IQ in people. Yes, in people. Yes, decreased IQ. Over 40 studies show this association in animals. The first animal study was done in the US at the Harvard Forsyth Dental Research clinic. All dose groups -- low, medium, and high, showed neurotoxic effects -- ADHD (permanent, life-long) and decreased IQ were associated with pre-natal (in utero) exposure, and underactive, "couch potato-like" behavior with rats weaned from breast milk with fluoridated water. The low dose group had levels of fluoride in their body a person would experience drinking water at 4ppm -- the EPA's "safe" level.

Human breast milk contains almost no fluoride, even if the mother is consuming fluoridated water (Ekstrand, 1988 "No evidence of transfer of fluoride from plasma to breast milk" British Medical Journal). So, thanks, Mom.

Fluoride poisons enzymes. It was not the Cold War but WWII from whence fluorine use in the United States began. Harold Hodge used the enzyme esterase as a marker for fluoride toxicity as part of his work as a toxicologist on the first atomic bomb project. Two chemicals are of concern in uranium enrichment -- fluorine, and uranium -- and both in large quantity. The uranium wasn't making the workers confused, lethargic, and drowsy. Well, then, what could it have been?

Do a little research. A man that consumes 2 grams of fluoride has gained weight. He is 1 gram heavier than he would have been and he will retain that extra weight for many years. The weight is carried in his bones.

10mg/day for 10 years. According to Harold Hodge, that's the minimum amount of fluoride that will cause severe (Stage 3) skeletal fluorosis.

The amounts that cause mild skeletal fluorosis (Stage 1) and pre-clinical fluorosis is unknown but within the amounts anyone drinking fluoridated water in America will consume. The symptoms of mild skeletal fluorosis are those of ARTHRITIS. Calcium spurs grow on cartilage. Ligaments and tendons are calcified. In the US, fluoride is nationally administered, but it is NOT nationally monitored. We don't know if some of the 1 out of 3 adults affected by arthritis are actually victims of fluorosis. We don't know.

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