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Comments made by shaunsnoll

San Diego Company Offers Solution To Most Common Surgical Mistake

WOW! after reading this I will certainly not be going to Sharp anytime soon?! An xray in the OR takes forever plus if Xray was so fool proof there wouldn't be so many people with retained sponges getting hurt and suing hospitals.

re: RF surgical, it looks interesting but just with some simple googling I found that this company HAS had at least one reported and documented retained sponge event so I don't think that last line is accurate.

Laslty, I agree with DrBud, how does a post operation scanning system like this create a fool proof solution to retained events? when the counts are on and blood is everywhere and there are 15 more operations to get done right now the nurses are unlikely to scan correctly every time and if they believe the sponge counts are already correct? This just seems like a fundamentally flawed system and I think the evidence that there HAVE been retained sponges by ORs using this RF system show that it is far from 100% safe.

Interesting article though and thanks!

December 10, 2012 at 10:17 a.m. ( | suggest removal )