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Comments made by sheldon101

envision/whoopingcough -- When Immunity Fails: The Whooping Cough Epidemic

This is a bizarre series of articles that manages to ignore the important questions when it comes to vaccines.

Assume the strains of pertussis have become more virulent. Is there evidence that the existing vaccines are less effective against these strains? Or is it merely that if you get the disease, the results will be worse than if you got a different strain. One set of answers leads to more vaccination. The second to the consideration of a different vaccine.

The authors also ignore that there isn't one vaccine for pertussis with a sngle strain, such as measles where more attenuated Edmonson strain is used. The earlier whole virus pertussis vaccine (still used in parts of the world) was made by killing and then filtering the bacteria. With acellular Pertussis, the bacteria and its toxins are busted apart and then each vaccine maker selects the components and the amount of each component to use. Current vaccines in the US have between two and five components.

Rather than merely pointing to vaccine makers who want to keep selling their existing vaccines (which anyone looking at the CDC price list would realize that they don't make much of a profit per unit), the researchers could have actually researched the status of pertussis vaccine research around the world and discovered its status.

December 20, 2010 at 12:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )