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Comments made by sheshark

Legislation To Ban Sale, Possession of Shark Fins In California

Regarding the comments comparing cows and chickens to sharks-you are ignoring a huge difference between these animals. Cows and chickens are domesticated animals while sharks are wild animals. Sharks have a crucial role in the marine ecosystem as top predators. We are overfishing sharks rapidly and the populations cannot recover quickly since sharks mature sexually later in life. Can you imagine if we killed all the lions on the savannah? Further, shark finning is a huge problem in international waters and is a brutal practice where the shark's fins are cut off and the shark is thrown back to bleed to death. Hacking off body parts for a "cultural delicacy" is not something we should be forced to accept. Sharks deserve our protection and it is an urgent matter. Watch Sharkwater if you are not familiar with these problems-great documentary. The chef Gordon Ramsay also recently released a documentary called Shark Bait which can be seen on YouTube-shark finning happens even in "ecotourist" countries like Costa Rica.

February 23, 2011 at 7:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )