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Comments made by shinylib

Young, Hip Librarians Take Over

I'm frustrated by the misrepresentation of my comments regarding age of library patrons. I was speaking, contextually, to the importance of employing frontlines staff of a variety of ages because of the aforementioned potential for intimidating appearances of overly "hip" librarians (including myself, of the hot pink hair and tattoos). Patrons who may already be overwhelmed by the process of returning to the academic environment after many years away (or for the first time ever) may be more apt to gravitate toward librarians who offer a comforting "sameness" of appearance.

Agreed with RealityCheck regarding the importance of open-mindedness. I'm all for hiring anyone with a current, relevant skillset.

I was unable to catch the audio version of the interview with myself and Chris Davidson (Northwestern University) but I hope that it was a more faithful accounting of our perspective on the changing landscape of librarianship and the perceived values rift within multiple generations of librarianship.

We also talked about the importance of understanding different library environments and the appropriate staff/faculty for each. As for example, a community college in which patrons are between 16-80 years old and may need help operating a mouse versus a large academic research library in which patrons have specialized subject research needs.

Overall I am grateful for the attempt to call attention to libraries and librarians, but disappointed in the manifestation. I care not for your dress, shoes, or ambitions, frankly, and am interested in your skills and what you bring to the job. I stand behind my assertion that our patrons benefit if we “come to a total melding and blending of talents and personality types.”

January 13, 2011 at 5:58 p.m. ( | suggest removal )