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Comments made by shoshi

Legal Experts Say 1-Strike Law For Sex Offenders Already Exists

MSLGWCEO, you're right. Laws, in these cases, do not prevent pedophiles from acting on their impulse. Since they cannot control themselves and their nature and make up is to be predacious towards children, they need to be locked up the very first time they are found to be guilty of molesting or abusing a child. They NEED to be put away for life! It seems that the more chances they get the worse they become. Gardner, like others, started out molesting young girls. He then moved up to rape and now possibly rape and murder of not one but possibly two and who knows how many more. He committed these crimes in broad day light in public places. He felt empowered. He was empowered and he got his power from the legal system.

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Legal Experts Say 1-Strike Law For Sex Offenders Already Exists

Your presentation on one strike law is not exactly correct, KPBS. The Jacob Wetterling Act of 1994 is for "registering" sex offenders only. If you're found to be sex offender, the first time, your name goes in the registry. No second chances given. It has nothing to do with a 1 strike and you go to jail, which is what I and many others would like to see. The registry doesn't work in terms of prevention. It's a great in that it allows the public to be aware, if they choose to be, by searching the registry to see if there is a sex offender in their neighborhood.

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Dubois, King Disappearances Prove Not All Missing Children Cases Treated The Same

And this ia another huge problem. Don't think that pedophiles don't know that this age group is looked at very differently than much younger children and that scioeconimc status also plays a huge role for law enforcement. A child of the same age born into a low income family does not get the same publicity and attention as a child born into an upper middle class family that can afford to make political contributions.

The media also plays on the fact that they'll get more readers and more sympathy for the an American Chelsea King then they would for a proverty stricken Tawana King. Not that chelsea should not have had the spotlight.

It's too bad that there isn't a banner running across the the bottom of the screen during the news broadcast of all missing children every night. It would be helpful to run a spotplight on one of the children every night for ALL children that have mysteriosuly disappeared on all news media networks.

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Skeletal Remains of Amber Dubois Found In Pala

The public really needs to be more aware of the profile of a pedophile to understand that they cannot be rehabilitated or stopped. Unlike the stereotypical serial killer it's difficult to put together a make up of these freaks. The only way to stop them is to lock them up for good.

-9/10th are male of any age, ethnicity, etc.
-Most have never been abused
-They blame everyone else for what they do
-They blame the children claiming that they led them on
-They never take responsibility for their actions
-They feel no remorse
-They are usually narcissistic, antisocial psychopaths that lack empathy
-They are often in denial of their actions and rationalize their behavior by claims that the children needed to be educated for their own good or the children enjoyed it or some sick excuse along those lines.
-They misinterpret social cues and body language.
-They derive pleasure from the childs response not what they feel. That's why castration by any means does not work. They find other ways to carry out the deed.
-They are drawn to what preadolescents "symbolize" not by what they actually see.
These freaks are severely damaged humans that are beyond help.

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

You're comparing apples to oranges by throwing everything into the pot. Like everything else there are varying degrees of wrong. When these offenders take our most vulnerable, the ones that need us the most, the truly innocent and pure, our children by force then cause them physical and mental harm and anguish by physically, mentally and sexually abusing them. Then they kill the victims which takes away any hope of them ever being able to recover, the offender has committed the worse crime imaginable. They've taken a life. The offender has no excuse for what they've done. They did not kill in self defense. They were not temporarily insane. They did what they did because they like it. They will tell you that they like it. It made them feel good. They satisfied an urge, a craving, a need. They are worse than animals because animals kill out of fear and hunger. I'll go a step further and say that they're even worse than the drug dealer who started dealing drugs out of socioeconomic necessity or peer pressure. There is still some detachment to the person when a dealer sells drugs. There is an understandable need to survive, put food on the table, get out of poverty. Even if it's the wrong way my intellect tells me I understand and it's sad but it's wrong. There is no need for survival and certainly no detachment when these criminals are alone with a screaming, scared child that pleads and fights for their life. They are as intimate as one human can get with another. The only thing they deserve in terms of human rights is to have them taken away completely! I may be ignorant when it comes to the law and how to change it but I'm right when it comes to these types of crimes. It's the worst and it's wrong! It goes against our basic instinct to protect our young. We can't all be wrong about what we see, hear and feel. These crimes are not the same as hate crimes, which is what we see with some when it comes to Jews, blacks and gays. These crimes go to the very core of most humans. You can't argue that what these freaks do is justifiable or right. There is no excuse. It's wrong.

As far as due process goes, yes he is entitled to due process as are all Americans. It's our constitutional right. He will get due process and he will have an attorney. He'll get all he is entitled to, unfortunately. But there needs to be a change in the law for these types of crimes. Especially the crimes where DNA leaves no doubt that the person in custody committed the crime. We're seeing that these types of criminals don't care if they go to jail for a few years. Therapy doesn't work for them. Parole doesn't work for them. So for the greater good they need to be locked up forever.

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

We've given them enough chances. No more chances! I stand by what I write. It's what I believe.

-You rape and there is DNA evidence to link you to the crime you get no trial and you go to jail for a minimum of 30 years with no parole. Then when you're released you wear a tracking device until you're dead. One Strike Law for sex offenders!

-You rape a child and there is DNA evidence you get no trial and you go to jail for life with no chance of parole, ever! One Strike Law for sex offenders!

-You rape and kill, and there is DNA evidence, you die right away! One Strike Law for sex offenders!

-No DNA for the first two "and it's you first offense" you get a trial.

I'll back anyone who lobbies for laws like this.

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

What's your point with bringing up the past, Rudy? As higher level thinking beings aren't we supposed to learn from our mistakes? Yes, Blacks were treated horribly, so were we Jews. That's right, we Jews, Rudy. We move forward. We fight for these horrific things not to happen to "innocent" people. Victims, rudy. Key words are innocent and victim, Rudy. Sex offenders are not innocent people, Rudy. Some may have been victims but many are not. they're just freaks that cannot be rehabilitated. We lock up people who are mentally ill and threat to themselves and society, Rudy. These freaks fit the bill, Rudy. DNA is another key element here. There is no doubt when DNA has been confirmed to be that of the accused. End of discussion, Rudy. Your freaks need to be locked up for the rest of their lives. They've had years to think about ways of getting away with their deviant behavior. We've given them many chances. See what they do? Nothing scares them. Nothing stops them. Lock them up and you wont have to feel badly that they're homeless and hungry.

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