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Comments made by shoshi

Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

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March 3, 2010 at 9:43 a.m. ( )

Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

I have to wonder about these cases at this point. I've read so many over the years, too many at this point. The story is the same; 5 year old raped and killed by sexual predator, 7 year old raped and killed by registered sex offender, 11 year old raped and killed and body burned by registered sex offender, 14 year old missing on way to school never to be found, 17 year old missing after she went for a jog.. DNA evidence links registered sex offender. He may have had something to do with 14 year old and 22 year old assault in same area...and on and on and on.

Then we get the details. Freak molested a child once or twice. Freak got his hand slapped and went to jail for a few years or was on parole for a few years/months. Freak is "free". Freak found in connection with rape and murder. Then we read that he could have gotten up to 11 years in jail the first time but there was a plea bargain and he didn't get maximum sentence. What is there to bargain with when there is DNA evidence to prove that a freak has raped a child? Will someone please explain this to me? We see consistently that these freaks cannot be rehabilitated. They show no remorse. Experts say that it's in their head. The only way to stop them is to do a frontal lobotomy or keep them locked up for life. Chemical and physical castration doesn't work for freaks like this. It's been done and it does not work. When are we going to learn? Are we crazy? Crazy people are the ones that do the same thing over and over and over and get the same negative results.

-You rape and there is DNA evidence to link you to the crime you get no trial and you go to jail for a minimum of 30 years with no parole. Then when you're released you wear a tracking device until you're dead.

-You rape a child and there is DNA evidence you get no trial and you go to jail for life with no chance of parole, ever!

-You rape and kill, and there is DNA evidence, you die right away!

-No DNA for the first two and you get a trial.

Why do we continue to entertain this BS? If the prosecutors did their job Chelsea would not be dead. The forensic psych on the case recommended 11 years in jail for this freak. That recommendation was ignored. The freak held it together all these years and when he was free of the law, tracking device, parole and all, he did it again. Only this time it was worse. It always gets worse with these freaks especially when they've been in jail already for the same offense. This type of behavior, this type of control is not a sign of a mentally ill person. These are the actions of a very calculating predator. He waited to strike. It took thought and self control to strike when no one was looking.

I just don't get it.

March 3, 2010 at 8:28 a.m. ( | suggest removal )