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Comments made by siekmann

Carlsbad Group Opposes Encina Power Plant Expansion

1) The new tower will go into a 30 ft. pit. Therefore, the plant will rise 109 ft. into the air. The visual impacts will be enormous.
2) Air pollution is going to increase 10 fold over what it has been in the last few years. Go to the Air Pollution Control District and get the facts.
3) There is a letter from Caltrans docketed with the California Energy Commission discussing the problems associated with the proposed plant and the I-5 widening.
4) Check with SDG&E. There is no contract with them for the power from the proposed plant. If SDG&E hasn't given them a contract for the power, it can be sold elsewhere and we get all the pollution.

January 12, 2010 at 3:04 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Carlsbad Group Opposes Encina Power Plant Expansion

NRG is not tearing down the old Encina plant. They are only shutting down the three smallest boilers while running the two largest boilers. Then NRG plans to build a second power plant - a 139 ft. tall very industrial plant that will sit right next to the widened I-5. Aside from the blighted view, the Carlsbad Fire Department has grave safety concerns about the proposed plant as stated in their testimony to the California Energy Commission. If approved, it would sit closer to a major highway that anywhere else in the country. This is just not a safe place for a major power plant, right next to a major freeway. Not in this day and age.

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