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Comments made by simpletrend

Prescription Drugs Are The Chief Cause Of Non-Natural Death In San Diego

I have difficulty believing this story. Having chronic pain, living in the San Diego area, and using the local doctors, never have I been offered prescription pain medicine. Complained three times to same doc as early as the year 2000, the response was usually a diplomatic version of "yeah, we're all in pain", more of a diplomatic dismissal than much else.

So, enter the medical marijuana doctors, definitely a specialty field that has bloomed in the last several years. At least they take the complaints of chronic pain seriously, asking for a history of the pain and any conditions you may have, etc., and then they may recommend marijuana. In my case, they found that yes, I did qualify.

Because of these experiences, whenever I read that most local non-medical-marijuana doctors were directed to help patients with chronic pain by some sort of directing agency, I sort of have a "diplomatic dismissal" of the assertion. It simply doesn't seem to be true. Perhaps they do prescribe pain medicines for a time period after surgical wounding, but that's not really a chronic pain situation, that's an acute pain situation that resolves itself as healing occurs.

Ah, I get what's wrong with this article, it's describing a strawman. Doctors were directed by a "joint commission", according to the text, to better treat "chronic pain." The rest of the text explains how patients save medicine given to them for post-surgical "acute pain".

I reckon that's like mixing apples and oranges, or restated, the article makes a false equivalence.

November 4, 2010 at 12:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )