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Comments made by sjwpgh

TV: HBO's 'Treme' Continues to Disappoint

I think the obstacle may be that New Orleans is so unique. What they are showing on Treme, although not everything, is all part of everyday life in New Orleans. Heck, I've masked at mardi gras, been to those parties, marched in second lines and jazz funerals and all the rest. It used to be a vibrant unique culture (and is becoming whole again). When Katrina hit, the storm did relatively little damage - but the failure of the defective levees destroyed and dislocated 80 % of the city. When I went back for that first mardi gras, (5 months later) the waitress at my favorite breakfast place was commuting two hours each way because her house was destroyed. My cousin couldnt get his car repaired because the dealership was destroyed. The guesthouse friends owned couldnt get baked goods because the bakery had been flooded out. Restaurants closed early even in the unflooded parts since they couldnt get supplies or help. There were curfews at dusk and limited hours for the remaining supermarkets..and there werent many of those. People's dentists, doctors and lawyers were gone and their offices flooded. 80% of the businesses were not operating and the mortgage companies still wanted paid on the flooded houses - which the insurance wouldnt cover since the levee breach and not the hurricane did the damage. And on and on..every simple little item you take for granted was an epic problem. I drove for miles through lakeview past nothing but ruined houses and flooded shopping malls. It was like nothing i have ever seen. What Treme is showing is how ordinary people, each in their own way, tried to cope with and rebound from something inconceivable. That first mardi gras was about proving that New Orleans and the things that make it so unique were still there and by God, would recover in spite of it all. I think Treme does a good job of showing some of this, and is a very accurate look at parts of New Orleans. As for the musicians, as someone else said, thats the way it actually is. New Orleans lives and moves to music. Kids there dream of being musicians. Come down sometime to Frenchman Street or Jazz Fest or French Quarter Fest (there are 271 Festivals a year in and around New Orleans) and see how much great music you can hear or, if you are a celebrity groupie, how many famous musicians you can hear in a week. I bet you'd be shocked.

June 21, 2010 at 12:16 p.m. ( | suggest removal )