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Comments made by sl_rock

Teaching Gay History In California Public Schools

randolphslinky I find your comments to be full of holes. First, most of those who DISAGREE with any of the LGBT lifestyles do not wish them harm in fact, just the opposite! As a public school teacher I always find it interesting how we have demonized drugs, alcohol (yes I know alcohol is a drug) and tobacco because of what medicine and science has said the effects could be or what they might lead to. But when it comes to the LGBT lifestyles that same thought process and information is ignored and even laughed at. Take into consideration medical and scientific studies have shown the LGBT lifestyles lead to higher rates of depression, suicide, drug use, and STD's! Wow! It took less scientific information about nutrition to have the First lady go crazy over the lunch programs in our schools by stopping soft drink sales, and fundraising bake sales because they would lead to obese children (side effects of bad foo choices).
Back to original topic at hand...SB48 is a pathetic attempt to indoctrinate the next generation of student that any of the LGBT lifestyles are normal and to attack gender roles of male and female. SB48 is just the latest attempt to "educate" the child with "state" moral and ethics (which change hour by hour, day, and yearly...NOT THE KIND OF MORALS AND ETHICS I WANT MY CHILD TO HAVE) Again, I have strayed from the main point, HISTORY is HISTORY if someone makes a contribution worthy of note than they should be recognized good or bad!! But to include individuals for NO OTHER reason than their lifestyle choice is ludicrous!! What should we do next? Celebrate those who purchased the right car (eco car) oh we do that already, how about who voted for a certain political leader oh, we already do that too, or celebrate those who can look at the finest machine ever made and say it was a cosmic accident, we celebrate those as well....sorry...I guess this just makes sense in a long line of HISTORICAL FRAUD!!!! Nice going California, just another reason why we have become the laughing stock in US public education. Last but not least I am considering taking my 4 children out of public school unless I can fight this to some degree at the local level and I encourage all parents to consider to attend their school board meetings and let them know you are extremely displeased with the educational decisions at the state level and you WILL take you child out of their school which means less $$ for them. Tell as many parents as you can what is happening and defend your rights as the one who funds the schools in your area you will not put up with this political agenda and will fight it every step of the way. I do not care if you want to live your life as a LGBT but you WILL NOT force it down my child's throat when I am not present!!

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