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Should County Ban Project Labor Agreements?

oh now PMP--don't get your panties in a bunch by bringing in name calling. that's no way to get your point across. yes, good, thanks for that information that unions are just as corrupt as corporations. that is not news. like many people writing here i come from a working class background and my father is a carpenter who was blocked from many jobs in connecticut, where i grew up, because he didn't want to play union ball. they are not perfect but as youngidealist pointed out--we shouldn't pass laws that simply offer deregulation of industries as a fix for other problems that we are worried about. that seems to be dancing around the real issue that unions are (have always been?) imperfect and as subject to corruption as any other human institution. now, in terms of my perspective that you say is 30,000 feet---a term used by your beloved Eric---there is an economic movement that's been moving over the globe since the 1970s called "neoliberalism" and one of the main components of that is this deregulation of industry at all levels of government, especially the local level. instead of taking a broad look at these i take a scalar look and advise anyone thinking about this issue to understand how deregulation at the municipal, county, regional, state, and federal levels works in lock-step to both retain the status quo of working class and middle class not being able to get ahead while also plundering our labor force and concentrating the wealth of our country into just a few hundred individuals who file as S-corporations (not as individuals) to avoid paying taxes. well---i could go on but wouldn't want to bore you and you probably will not look into any of this. i do believe that's the real effect of 8 years of Bush--the inability for us to understand and empathize with each other. oh yeah, and i'm a woman not a man--remember the new thinking on grammar is to NOT use the universal male in conversation--it makes you seem like a dinosaur.

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Should County Ban Project Labor Agreements?

Vote NO on Prop. A!

Here's my take after listening to the "30,000 feet" perspective of Eric Christen and people like him who still mistakenly believe that less regulation in government will bring prosperity. That is a lie. Since the Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980s, the deep failure of "Trickle Down" economics that was the center of the failed Reganomics, and now the wholesale theft of property from the poorest Americans who will never be able to participate in the market again from their poor credit ratings due to the "free market" running them over with their subprime trickery---Americans are significantly poorer, our jobs are in India, and our children are not guaranteed even a good education--all this since they have unleashed the free market on us.

Now, this guy, Eric and his cronies, are saying that they want to unleash the market onto the construction business. What this means to me is:

1. they will hire illegal immigrants and pretend not to know -- this WILL NOT create jobs for Americans but rather cheap, imported, illegal labor whom are NOT part of unions because they cannot be.

2. they want to handcuff our government. We vote people in that we think will make good decisions--if they don't, they get voted out. Changing the charter to do this will create more government regulation--a point Eric claims he's against. Removing our officials ability to govern will not make us better off, instead it will leave us more vulnerable to further theft by "the market" -- meaning businesses like those that support Prop. A.

3. I am sure Eric also supports the idea that there should no longer be a federal minimum wage--that way all Americans will work for slave's wages for his construction jobs that also ban workers from joining together in a union.

Get the picture--when these corporate cronies say "Let the free market decide" we need to understand that this means let us steal your time and energy and pay you a pittance to work like a dog for us, if you are lucky enough to get a job.

NO on Prop. A -- we know better than this after the last two years.

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