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Comments made by socalnoni

How Would Legalizing Pot Affect Calif. Budget, Communities?

Why stop at pot? If the proponents argument is:
1. it raises revenue!!! yay!!
2. It'll stop crime!!! Yay!!
3. well ALCOHOL is legal and THAT'S a drug!

1. Well think about ALL the revenue we'd get if pot, cocaine, heroin, meth, x, opium, hash et al were legalized! Who cares about an increase of addiction when tax dollars are the goal! Surely MORE AAs aren't so bad, not to mention the destruction of families due to the idiocy of raises revenue for us to add more REHAB centers/ HOMELESS centers/ MENTAL illness resource centers and SUICIDE prevention centers! Yay! And think of all the college graduates whose life goal is to own a pot store in lieu of a college education! Yay! A weed shop on every corner! How full of wesome!

2. Oh true, very true. The violence in Mexico WILL go down! No more drug cartels! Yay for Mexico!!! What awesome neighbors we are. Meanwhile the crime INSIDE our borders? Well addicts need their drugs and drugs cost money and where will that come from I wonder. Pot Dispensaries have already been places of violent robberies. The have's and half-nots right?

3. ALCOHOL is a drug so why not pot? Then why not cocaine, heroin, meth, etc.? See how that works?

Too bad there isn't a drug to cure stupid.

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How Will Arizona Immigration Law Impact San Diego Region?

to elbuddo,

The purpose of Homeland Security under this Admin is to protect them from threats to their lives - not ours.

20 billion dollars flood into Mexico yearly from illegal immigrants/drug dealers sending their money back, while 15 billion is sucked out of California by illegal aliens in services.

Could this state and our Federal government be any dumber? Not possible.

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City Council Approves Sales Tax Increase Measure With Conditions

"for 5 years"

Keep pushing San Diego. Can you hear the sucking sound of taxpayers out of Ca. yet?

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Proposal To Increase San Diego Sales Tax

We do not need a new Library nor do we need a new City Hall. What this city does need is common sense. Sorely lacking in Government from the Federal to the Local.

Our advice to the Mayor and other members of this crumbling city is to take a class from NJ Governor Chris Christie. Follow HIS plan.

And take a stand for this state! A listener called in to a KPBS radio segment on jobs in San Diego. What he said was not only appalling but disgusting. Upon trying to apply at a chain pizza location in East country he was denied because HE couldn't speak SPANISH. If our City Council does not see anything wrong with this then they do not deserve to be in office living off those whose first language is ENGLISH.

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Officials Say Seizures, Detentions Along SD Coast Up Over Past 9 Months

One simple solution: More border control, more deportations.

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Sanders Vetoes San Diego City Hall Project

Thank you Mayor Sanders.

It is not too much to ask that if San Diego employees wish to enjoy the fruits of responsible San Diegans labor they should start with treating us with respect. That respect starts with turning down ALL of these types of projects that DO benefits the mouths that feed it.

Keep pushing us and what you'll have left is a city of unskilled, non-taxpaying service workers from south, north of our borders.

As a small software business owner Texas, Nevada and other states that do not punish those fueling their cities are an airline ticket away. The weather just isn't cutting it as a reason to remain in Southern Ca. these days. Without that, there isn't much else.

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The Story On Parole for Sexual Offenders

"1 out of every 4 girls and 1 out of every 6 boys are abuse before the age of 18."
What does this say about the gender which sexually forces themselves upon both male and female?

Maybe castration should be a consideration as a 2nd offense. Poland has recently passed this law as a FIRST offense. Apparently they care more about the potential victims than we do here in the US. Voluntary registry is laughable. Why bother when many don't even register and can't be found. The offender lives one place, attacks in another. Psychological study after study show that these criminals face lifelong temptations. They are ticking timebombs. Be it that they "serve their time" in jail they come out whether it be 6 years or 16 with the same sexual urges. Why NOT then add castration as a penalty instead of taxpayer funded Viagra for them? The logic is sorely missing.

When speaking about sexual offense it seems more often than not, the offender is the highlight of the discussion. The harshness of his sentence, the rejection they receive from society etc. Quite interestingly though, not a word about the lifetime effects on the victims. Victims get no parole from the emotional scars. Let's not forget that.

Let's also not forget that a considerable amount of sexual abuse goes on uncovered and unreported due to fear and confusion... especially in children that when an offender finally DOES get caught, it is usually not his first offense. The only thing that has stopped him is his own carelessness in covering the tracks of his crime.

One human being's rights should end when they take another's right NOT to be touched, raped away. They destroy lives and should have theirs equally destroyed.

Lifetime in jail upon 2nd offense plus castration. It's the only way to get rid of these family members OR strangers who feel children and womens bodies and lives are theirs for the taking.

It is past time to get serious about these people

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California Parole System Criticized

Since males are the vast majority of sex offenders and likely to end up in prison should they make mistakes it isn't rocket science to suggest that they need to most education.

#1. We need to drum it into boys heads from the time they are old enough to understand that they DO NOT TOUCH or take what isn't theirs, that NO means NO and what WILL happen if they purposely get a girl drunk in order to have sex with them. We teach them about urges and behaviors that WILL land them in prison. And to stress that point, since date rape on campuses is rampant, take them to prison to show them what to expect.

#2. We educate boys and girls on the ages of consent and just what that means to boys/men if they break that law and that ignorance is NOT a defense.

#3 Educate as to the laws if they BREAK them.

Since females, in large part, make up the majority of victims of sex offenders.

#1. Stress to them that no one EVER has the right to touch them, that NO really does mean NO. This male means family (and friends of family) members as well.

#2. Educate honestly and early that unfortunately there are those people in their communities, that wish to do them harm.

#3. Martial arts instruction from the time they start walking.

education and Honesty early on is the best policy

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Evaluating California's Sex Offender Laws

In the works, sex offender indiction on driver's licences.

Two steps in the right direction.

April 2, 2010 at 12:48 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Evaluating California's Sex Offender Laws

The stats on re-offend are ridiculous. the reason for the low recidivism is because the perp was CAUGHT the second time. The second time may have actually bee the 10th time since so many rapes and molestations go unreported. These animals have urges. Period. There are absolutely NO clinical studies to say they WON'T re-offend. They've only to cross that line once to open the floodgates.

Sex offenders have usually commited a string of offensives before they are caught the 1ST time. I don't buy that, "harsher laws will make them kill." 5 years or 50 means nothing to the Gardners of the world if they want what they want. What the 50 years will do is to keep that many children and women he would have raped, killed had they only gotten 6 years.

One look at the sex offenders in any one giving area is enough to creep anyone out. Let's start putting children and girls first for a change. One strike and goodbye or castration. These are lives, not paper robbed from a bank. Time to get serious. There is no cure for the sex offender brain.

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