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Comments made by socialvaccine

Young Veterans Call San Diego Home

on the air you said the "naval missle program/tech" started here in San Diego, but the Memorial was just 12 years old...
I wonder [and MUST KNOW] "exactly"! how many of the actual partisipants and organizers ect... themselves actually "grew up" in CALIFORNIA or WEST AMERICA in general.
If dark swarthy right-handed Richard Nixon is the only GOP candidate "FROM WEST AMERICA/California" then THIS!!! is the only proven normative ethic POSSIBILITY###, then quantified logistics can seriously SOLVE the SITUATIONAL.... geographic problem [honestly for American Prie intact... honest TEEN intervention. QUANTIFIED!!!

November 11, 2010 at 9:38 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Opponents Of I-5 Expansion Proposal Come Out In Force

not to confuse [those industrial complex "contracts" are slippery ones].
but on the alternative "menu" we are GEOgraphically[&NATionally] at the "end of the world", that's a serious and unthinkable REALITY! and NAVIGATION is the missing link.
"the beach crowd" aught to have [normative ethics] a "SHIPS & AUTO-RAIL" [ixnay\'ferries'\], express ship and AUTO-rail [NATION WIDE] for your vehicle and you. to THE TROPICS!!! Acapulco! [careful navY-gation][summer time especially] and to S.F. & Oregon & Washington, "auto train" [Amtrack's NY-FL line] or vehicular rail, and very economical SHIPS that takes your "vehicle" to the tropics!
the GEOGRAPHIC "DEAD END" is an ecological [normative >ind contract$!] sociological equation, think big or "think" entrapment, CONTAINMENT! that looks so "free -no way?
10/ hyw 8 to the PORT / rail and far, then... [no 5, please, no gusto]

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