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Comments made by soldiergirl

Soldiers In Afghanistan React To Change In Breakfast Service

This is a common practice at all closing facilities as they draw down. Soldiers are not suffering eating MREs. This is a common practice. I have been a soldier for going on 35 years and have eaten c-rations and every version of MRE that has been tried in the Army. If Soldiers are going hungry it is because they did not take one of the MREs provided. If there is going to be no hot breakfast, then a soldier is able to take an MRE with them after dinner to eat for breakfast the next morning...or they can go and pick up one from the dining facility for from their logistics/supply person in the morning or when they get back from a mission. That's what we do in a field environment on exercises and during deployments. This is common practice. MREs are very high in calories to ensure Soldiers are provided required nutrition (I can't even eat ALL of the MRE because for me it's too much food) I'm not saying I "love" MREs, not even saying I "like" them...but they are sustenance ...just because you don't "like" the taste or the selection does not mean you are being starved of nutrition...that is self inflicted if you "choose" not to eat what is provided...when a soldier signs on to defend their nation their contract does not state "you will always be provided "hot" meals and if you aren't we'll make sure we only provide you food you find satisfactory to your palette or within walking distance that is convenient for you. I too would write home and ask my family to send boxes of cereal or granola or other items...not because I wasn't being provided meals, but because I wanted things I liked vice what was provided...Soldiers are not starving...if they are then they need to tell their leaders that they are starving and if their leaders are letting them starve then they can go to the chaplain or the inspector general...are hot meals good for morale, but so is closing down facilities and bringing our soldiers home where they can go wherever they want to eat when they get back.

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