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Comments made by sollinger

Freeway Lids Hold Hope Of Reconnecting Neighborhoods

Regarding freeway caps: I don't know if people opposed to it are aware of this but...freeways are really noisy. Teralta Park is such a sanctuary providing respite in a community that could use more greenspaces and public spaces in general. Capping it limits the noise to where they belong. Surely, in a nation that doesn't blink at the prospect of spending billions to maintain a freeway infrastructure...a little bit of respite from the noise isn't too much to ask.

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Freeway Lids Hold Hope Of Reconnecting Neighborhoods

I would love to see a total cost breakdown of the freeways that have been built, say for example - the I-5. When the project was proposed, the planners estimated certain expenses and benefits. Mitigation efforts probably included sound barriers and the like. The benefits included items such as transporting goods and labor. I wonder what the equation looks like when all the expenses are added up and put alongside the costs: the cost of lives lost, collisions that occurred and subsequent efforts to clear it up, the air pollution increase and subsequent health defects on nearby communities (has asthma rates gone up in Little Italy, for example?), the time wasted in traffic that was supposed to have evaporated with the building of the I-5. And I'd love to see this in conjunction with an alternative...say a subway line that had been built where the I-5 currently runs. How much would that have cost, how many families would have been displaced? What would the groundwater contamination look like in comparison with the existing I-5? What if a few dedicated bike paths had been built running atop the subway lines? What if instead of the I-5, only a dedicated truck-only type highway had been built where the trucking industry paid to maintain it and only the trucking and other industrial companies have access to it.

Seems like a complete fantasy, but I think this would have made for a much nicer San Diego and a city that was more beautiful to look at and less scarred by freeways ripping its landscape to shreds.

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