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Comments made by songspiritUSA

'Affair Of Honour' Aims To Teach History And Life Lessons

By the way, when it comes to duels, don't forget Abraham Lincoln.

June 10, 2010 at 8:27 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

'Affair Of Honour' Aims To Teach History And Life Lessons

The fact of the matter is that history is not being taught here. One of the most sensational parts of our early history is being given a revisionist treatment - and for the purposes of a musical! I am a confirmed Burrite, having read Aaron's journals and a number of biographies beginning about 30 years ago. As for Aaron's not having been a great thinker... Only someone ignorant of history could have said that. From his time at what is now Princeton, to his being admitted to the NY Bar, to his appointment as NY Attorney General, writing the law of a new land without precedent... to his ascension to Senator and one of the leaders (if not THE leader) in the Senate during Adams' administration, to his earning the same number of votes as Jefferson. To anyone who could believe the nonsense that such a man bargained his daughter for votes, it's absurd. To read Theodosia's own words, and the word of her widowed husband, who wasted away after her tragic death... Read what John Adams, not too shabby in the intellect-department himself, had to say about Hamilton and Burr in 1815 if you want history. As for all of the above, I suppose it's all fine for high schoolers. But let's not make more of it than it is - particularly when it comes to the greatest men in our young nation's early years.

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