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Comments made by spackle1213

Review: 'Scream 4'

@Beth~ I still have yet to see the movie but read your before I did. I also read your response to wonder66's review of your review. He mentioned that there were the three main characters kept alive from the original trilogy to help ressurect this movie. He didn't mention what their fates would be. In your response to him YOU actually revealed that they all lived and now completely ruined the movie to me. Your statement "...and the fact that you revealed who lives is proof that the formula is intact because the exact same characters keep surviving" was completely unnecessary. All you did was confirm something he never really stated. I get it, you didn't like the movie. I can appreciate honest criticism but please don't ruin the movie for me just because you're pissed that someone didn't like your review.

And really? You think a penis stuck through a hole is "good" use of an R rating? Keep doing what you're doing, but you've lost all credibility to me. You don't need to respond. I will not be coming back to this site.

April 18, 2011 at 7:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )