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Comments made by spinebob

New San Diego Hires Expected to Help Resolve Veterans' Backlogged Claims

Unfortunately these new staffers will not help and are political fluff.
Here is why:
The VA is a federal cabinet agency, these new hires work for the state.
Once a veteran files a claim only a federal VA employee can touch it- period.
These state workers cannot touch claims already submitted- they can't help with the current backlog.
All these new state employees can do is ensure any NEW claims are submitted as completely as possible and this gathering of documents can take MONTHS.
A veterans claim is paid retroactively to the date he first files so it is in the veterans interest to file a claim and THEN start the evidence gathering processes, he or she can obtain a few extra months of disability compensation.
So what would you do if you were filing a claim, submit an initial claim and then gather all the evidence or wait months for a State employee to gather evidence and then submit a claim?
What if you were dying and only had months to live and were doing this for your family?
Unfortunately these new hires are powerless to intervene and effect existing claims.
You as a veteran are your own best advocate- file a claim yourself and THEN ask for help if needed.
A veteran also has a right to an attorney on appeal- a HUGE positive change in the VA claims process.

September 23, 2013 at 8:34 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

UC Applications Are Up For Fall

UCSD needs to apply and comply with California Affirmative action statutes and start admitting Disabled Veterans to all of their schools: undergrad, grad & medical.
Disabled Veterans are the ONLY state of California Affirmative action class and Disabled Veterans are also subject to FEDERAL affirmative action by all Federal Contractors or grant recipients.
UCSD receives federal grants.
The current enrollment of disabled veterans at UCSD is abysmal and shameful!

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Young Vets Plagued By Pain Med Abuse, End Up Homeless

I am 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran with chronic pain and complex regional pain syndrome. The San Diego VA medical center is unable to provide to me the most modern pain medicines. I am forced to obtain pain management treatment OUTSIDE of the VA Health System at my own expense. I am prescribed suboxone for pain and VA Doctors are not allowed to prescribe this state-of-the-art medicine due to cost and intensive patient management statutes. Suboxone is widely used in Europe for chronic pain management for the last 20 years.
The VA relies on cheap, highly addictive drugs such as methadone for chronic pain management. This is an example of health care rationing and placing cost above predictive outcomes. Our Veterans deserve modern and quality treatment, not the cheapest and most addictive medicines!

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