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Comments made by spiritpen

San Diego Gets Pollution Waiver For Point Loma Plant

San Diego Surfrider, Sierra Club and Coastkeeper all got their wish tonight, when, after a 13 hour marathon meeting, the California Coastal Commission - forced into an illegal re-vote on the sewage waiver- changed their vote and gave San Diego another 301h waiver to continue dumping hundreds of millions of gallons a day into Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma. Surprise guest was the Ocean Protection Council's Mike Crissman, who went into the back room with Commissioners and apparently ordered them to allow the waiver. I drove over 600 miles to attend, but no San Diego residents were in attendance on the waiver issue- . Crissman was obviously ordered into the fray by Arnold the tamper-nator, after enviro groups from outside the area brought the only waiver in the state, worst in the world, to a halt. Message from Ocean Protection Council, San Diego, Surfrider and Arnold to surfers: shut up and swim in S_ _ _.

The folks who wanted the waiver sold out the surfers not because they thought the city would someday recycle, but simply because they are unable to fight and so just rolled over and hung out their tongues like a whale when attacked by Orcas. The local sellouts are still smarting from watching outsiders walk in and bring down that waiver, at least for a moment. But the real story here is that Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered the California Secretary of Resources, Mike 'rissman, to come in and tamper with the regulatory system! Mike Crissman also happens to chair the Ocean Protection Council, and should resign.

joey racano "Ill be Back!"

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Fish Farm Planned For San Diego

Very bad to have mariculture near the ocean! This is a sure fire way to take nutrients from the water and put back only filth, waste, parasites, diseases and dangerous antibiotics. Move fish farms inland at least!

Get it away from the ocean!

Joey Racano, Director
Ocean Outfall Group

PS With San Diego's 301h sewage waiver (last such waiver in the State- allowing them to dump 300 million gallons per day of less than full-secondarily treated sewage at point loma) you'll be raising seafood in human fecal matter!! Yikes!!

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Seal Legislation Passes Calif. Assembly

Resolution Regarding Creation of a Marine Sanctuary for Casa Beach

WHEREAS, harbor seals have inhabited the area known as Casa Beach in La Jolla, California, as a haul-out site, hauling out being a physiologically necessary activity through which this species comes ashore to conserve energy and nurse their young; this haul-out site being the only harbor seal rookery south of Carpenteria, California, attracting many hundreds of visitors daily adding significant economic benefits to the city and county, as well as providing a unique nature education opportunity; and,

WHEREAS, although the harbor seals are true seals and should be protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) as well as California and San Diego law, enforcement of the law by authorities on all levels has been lax; documented harassment of the harbor seals has continued on a regular basis without legal repercussions for offenders, while compliance with and enforcement of the MMPA with regard to harbor seals is being promoted by federal authorities in other areas of the United States*; and,

WHEREAS, more protection is needed for the preservation of this rookery, as scientific studies have indicated that harbor seals are timid regarding disturbances on land, and are especially vulnerable to disturbances in the critical first few hours of life, during which mother and pup must establish a bond to ensure proper nurturance during the first four to six weeks; now,

Therefore, be it RESOLVED that the Environmental Caucus of the California Democratic Party does hereby support creation of a Marine Sanctuary at Casa Beach to provide fuller protection, and the creation of a Marine Conservancy for Casa Beach, with by-laws, a charter, and the appointment of a Board of Directors to oversee their implementation, and be it further resolved that copies of this Resolution be transmitted to the Speaker of the Assembly, the President of the Senate and chairs of respective policy committees of the State Legislature.

Passed UNANIMOUSLY by Environmental Caucus at CDP 2007 State Convention

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