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Comments made by spiritualvision

We Shall Remain: Wounded Knee

I remember well the time of AIM rising to the occasion of American Indians having had enough of centuries of cruel and abusive treatment by the invaders from the Eastern Hemisphere. The unthinkable treatment by this new major community that claims they were creating a new society and government due to persecution from where they came from was beyond any imagination the native inhabitants would ever envision happening to themselves.

These Europeans arrived to the shores of a new land for themselves and found it already had residents that have lived here for many thousands of years. They showed no respect to the ancestors of American Indians. Out of a feeling of superiority and arrogance these invaders decided the native inhabitants, that have been here for many thousands of years, were not good enough to respect their native living styles and customs. They exercised the same disrespectful and cruel treatment to the natural inhabitants of the North American continent and committed widespread genocide.

Once the new government of the United States of America was in place, it just continued to grow and become larger in territory and stronger in power and force. This government continues to disrespect the American Indians and their natural ownership of this continent by the fact that "reservations" are still a legally confinded jurisdiction - according to who? - the United States government.

This land was the Indian's land and it was stolen from them. The airing this series of the American Experience does expose a glimpse of this horrible form of genocide of the native inhabitants that has been occurring over the centuries and it continues.

The unbalanced aspect of this series and especially the Wounded Knee segment makes the United States government appear as if they were peace makers with good intentions, when they were really using trickery to get the Indian occupation off their own land - again in 1973. Every inch of this continent from "Sea to Shining Sea" is in reality the land of the American Indians and even to this day the United States Government continues to control a land that does not belong to them. The United States government is in denial and needs to right a wrong and return this land of "Sea to Shining Sea" back to the natural decendants of the original ancestors of this land. Only returning this land to the American Indians will save the future of all people that live here now, especially now during these difficult economic times.

May 12, 2009 at 12:16 a.m. ( | suggest removal )