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Comments made by sprout

Do You Want To Legalize Pot In CA?

If we vote no on PROP 19 all of the users of Marijuana will more than likely obtain medical marijuana recommendation cards and will use the product anyway. If that happens it will continue to support illegal growing and importing of marijuana and there will be no conrol or taxes generated from its use.

Please understand 1 thing, Pot is sold at every street corner now, if prop 19 is approved Marijuana will be completely controlled and handled in a safer manner including quality control, prices will be more realistic and in turn the illegal importing will cease to exist.

The Dispenseries have spent money to setup the medical marijuana collectives therefore they have everything to lose if Prop 19 is approved, Remove all the scammers and peddlers vote yes and allow the state to protect the minors and keep some cash in this country for our future.


September 20, 2010 at 7:34 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Do You Want To Legalize Pot In CA?

I love the gateway theory its about having something you can lean on when your completely clueless as why people change up from one drug to another.
Here are some reasons why people use multiple substances.
#1. Drug Dealers are great salesmen, a store selling pot will not offer you other drugs like cocaine etc.
#2. Marijuana will not gradually increase your high as you smoke, it just kinda just levels out after a few tokes, some people just want more than what pot has to offer, but in no way dose pot cause cravings for another drug.
#3. Another drug was passed around at a party, whats that got to do with pot!!, Gateway! are we laughing yet.
#4. Some people just prefer a different kinda high, physical uppers, downers, mental uppers, downers etc.
#5. Friends share with you.
Now heres the real gateway theory!
You got hooked on a prescription drug like codine, morphine etc and its not working anymore so you turn to street narcotics like heroin to help make you feel better.
Stop comparing Marijuana to Meth and Cocaine, Marijuana is natural and all the others are processed to form a drug, stop confussing the issue! the only reason Marijuana leads to more potent drugs are because the dealers are great salesmen.

just vote yes on 19

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