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Comments made by srloren

Budget Crisis Spurs Talk of Excluding Businesses from Prop. 13 Rules

Rand/ps states: "The view that the cost of businesses paying their fair share will be passed on to consumers is too simplistic." It may be simplistic but most businesses sell a product or service. Any costs incurred have to be passed on to the consumer in order to profit.....simple but a fact that cannot be ignored.

March 31, 2010 at 7:35 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Budget Crisis Spurs Talk of Excluding Businesses from Prop. 13 Rules

We need to step back and realize that we have already lost millions if not billions in revenue because businesses are leaving the state at record numbers. Any increases on Business is a farce because businesses just pass the cost of doing business on to consumers. So we pay anyhow and will lose more job creating businesses to Texas, Arizona and other lower cost states. The number one priority should be to create jobs and the way that happens is to cut taxes.
Politicians have long been used to raising taxes each year and spending more and more money that we no longer have. People have lost their homes and jobs. Politicians don't care about anything but getting re-elected so they can continlue the ride of power that they enjoy. Understand this: a stack of $1000 bills 4 inches high = 1 million dollars. A billion dollars = a stack of $1000 bills 358 feet high. One on top of another. A Trillion dollars is = to a stack of $1000 bills 67.9 miles in the sky.....That is more money than you or I can imagine but it is just pocket change to a politician. Prop 13 saved hundreds of thousands of families from losing their homes and continues to work well. The real problem is spending!

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