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Comments made by srm

Rants and Raves: Weekend of Horrors

Accurate sum up. This convention was better when Fangoria was running the show. Hopefully the next one will get better.

Bruce always works well with a crowd, but yeah, I've heard some of his jokes from other appearances.

There didn't seem to be enough panels. I'm pretty sure it used to be 30 minutes rather then 45, which would leave for more panels. Plus it used to be all movies. 45 minutes of Ken Foree rambling isn't the best panel presentation.

For the celebrities in the autograph room, I know what you mean, although most are really cool with just talking. It's rare to have somebody hard selling you to buy something.

And yeah, with the clips they play on the monitors, those companies selling the indie "gems" makes Ed Wood movies look like Citizen Kane.

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