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Comments made by stacy314

Shadow Market For Taxi Permits Lucrative For Some, Hardship For Others

JeanMarc, you seem a bit misinformed. A. Taxi permits are public property (your property) and they can't be sold and bought in the black market. The mere existence of a black market is outrageous in the first place. B. Your missing the point. If you removed the middle man (current permit holder) drivers could actually make a decent living. Thousands of dollars are exchanged in the black market without a single penny going to the City of San Diego or to the Franchise Tax Board. Now I'm sure you have a chosen profession and I'm sure you're familiar with FICA. Well, the taxi industry have no clue who these organizations are. You have permit holders living on public assistance and yet making a healthy living. I say that because I have friends who do. Drivers pay up to $800 a week in lease without being given a receipt. Is that even legal???

June 12, 2013 at 9:38 a.m. ( | suggest removal )