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Comments made by standupPWD

San Diego Students Adjusting To New Expectations For GED

I think the bottom line here is this-if students are unable to get a GED, what are their options? Where can they work? People falsely assume that anyone can get a GED, while this is simply not true. Students with cognitive impairments, brain injuries, memory issues, students that have English as their second, third or even fourth language may have significant problems processing the level and complexity of the information on the new GED. I have taken the practice test and I can verify that it is much more difficult that the former GED tests.
Last time I checked, people who were going for the GED were not trying to get into Harvard-or even SDSU. Most people who are trying to get their GED are simply trying to get a job. Do we need to have people with college-level skills working at Rite Aid at the register? What about cashiers at the gas station? Not everyone is going to be capable of college level coursework, or even wants to pursue an advanced education. Do we cut this entire population off from employability? This is what is happening, and it's just ludicrous. What has happened here is that a private company has taken over the GED and they are out to make more money. How? Well, they made the GED much more difficult to pass, so you have to pay for it each time you take it. What else, you ask? You must pay for each practice test you take. There are four tests, so each time you want to see if you are ready to pass a test you PAY again to take each practice test.
Fortunately people are picking up on this and many states have decided they won't be using the GED. My hope is that California will make that same decision, and re-open the doors to people that have been shut out.

February 18, 2014 at 12:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )