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Comments made by starcross

Scripps To Build $185 Million Proton Therapy Center In Mira Mesa

I think this is great, but lets not forget the validity of alternative medicine. The one that comes to mind is a shining jewel in the world of alternative medicine, The Gerson Institute right here in San Diego down on second avenue. Doctor Max Gerson, a German Jew who lost all of his siblings in the holocaust came to America and developed a cure for most diseases called The Gerson Therapy. Decades of proven results treating every kind of cancer and many other diseases are recorded at the Institute. This therapy stands out as the preeminent therapy among alternative and western approaches as the most successful and consistently high cure rate while being completely natural non-toxic. It offers high quality of life during treatment as well as a very low re-occurrence rate. I know because I did it. It is great that these new facilities are being built and that the treatment damages "less" tissue. But while applauding this we must remember that there are amazing (and free) therapies that cure many of the bodies ill all at one time. The finest I have found is the Gerson Therapy. I would love to see what might happen if we put $185,000,000 dollars into a care facility that delivered the Gerson Therapy to the public en mass. Holistic medicine has taken my body to new heights of health and well being while curing multiple "diseases" all with one approach. I love the idea of a less invasive cancer treatment, but the cost is so high and the profits required to pay for this facility are so great that I simply do not understand why organizations like the Gerson Institute go unnoticed when they have highly competitive and painless therapies that work.

June 22, 2010 at 4:27 p.m. ( | suggest removal )