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Comments made by stefanievo

Uncertain Fishing Season Ahead For San Diego-Based Boats

Like what I have learned from my history class, this article proves that regulations is complicated and do not help much. However, we cannot blame the MLPA because there is a limit on what a regulator can do. They do not have control over the amount of fishes in the ocean, the temperature of the water or the habitat in general. In addition, no improvement can be seen if regulators try to reserve the fish while the anglers are taking them from the ocean.
The anglers are also responsible to maintain the habitat and the number of fish. It says in the report that The Prowler use between 50 to 100 scoops of live sardines as bait for other fish. There are about 45 sport fishing boats like the Prowler working out of San Diego Bay. Scarifying one kind of fish for another kind is not doing any good for the habitat. In addition, each boat does not just take their customers out to the ocean once. They need to go out more in order to make benefits because the number of “customers are scarce and fuel is expensive.” Captain Buzz Brizendine would like to have 1000 paying customers this season which means that at least a thousand of fish would be catch. Regulation is hard, yet controlling the amount of fish that are taken by sport fishers is even harder.
Both anglers and regulators need to work together in other for them to maintain and improve the marine system.

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