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Comments made by stooky


I missed the press release wherein James Cameron promised that he was going to deliver a "Beth Certified" movie that was full of nothing but original plot, storytelling and characterization, not to mention the most stunning 3D known to mankind.

Is it alright to make a movie for the purpose of being entertained? The kind of movie that is better to watch at a theatre than on your own home theatre?

Did it leave me with the same feeling as "Slumdog Millionaire", "Jason and the Argonauts", or "Unforgiven" (to name a few)? .... No

Did I go to a Sci-Fi movie expecting to have my life altered and witnessing the holy grail of all films? ..... uh No

Did I allow myself to be entertained and appreciate it for what it was? .... Yup.

Do you go into a dark funk everytime you eat a meal and it was not twice as good as the last meal that you had? Do you consider ending it all when your conversations with friends/family are not more and more revealing and stimulating each time?

Dear God Beth....let's all take a moment to enjoy the simple things and realize that Avatar is something that can be enjoyed.

I guarantee you a 13 year-old watching that film is not going to get stomach ulcers because it had similarities to Fern Gully or Dances with Wolves.

I would be interested in reading your list of movies that are completely unique and are not based on any earlier works of storytelling in any form.

I went to watch the movie with my wife Renee and I feel that it is clean enough for my son to watch and I will bring him. He is going to be amazed and will tell his grandparents about it..and enjoy it for what it is. All I can hope is that he (and my other children) are able to hold on to their appreciation of things for what they are and that they do not become a Beth.

Millions of people love to listen to Mozart...and among those millions you will also find the same people listening to Metallica, Nora Jones or Joy Division...all arguably much less impressive musical works.....but are they wrong to enjoy them for what they are?

One thing you do deserve credit for is getting me to waste a good 5 minutes writing this response....I'm still not sure how you got me to do that.

In closing, I cannot think of any words more fitting than those of the immortal Charlie Brown......GOOD GRIEF.

P.S. I'm not sure if this came across as a personal attack...I certainly did not mean it to come across that way. I have re-read my response a couple of times and I do not think that it is anymore of a personal attack than Beth's original review of the movie (towards James or people who liked the film).


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