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Comments made by strata66

Filner Vows To Move Forward As Mayor In Recall Response

Gosh thanks Marine Room :) I am glad you are not militarized and willing to forgive and forget so we can move on. Some of the other people here have swallowed this farce hook, line sinker, fishing pole, tackle box, the fishing boat and anything else that is being fed to them by the media and these grown mature women. He's a flirt, not a rapist. Why in the hell does Mama talk about sticking hands down the pants? Nobody did that, you're mixed up. He just wants a wife, he's looking for her and that is his crime. He is lonely, and these brutal money worshipers are using that "weakness" to steal the Mayors seat. They could care less about what he did, they could care less about these women. They are just collateral damage for their true intentions. Bob is an absolute jewel of a man, we will never find another like him. What I love about Bob is he kisses no man's ass, and that is kryptonite to the money worshipers in La Jolla. He tells them to go stick it as he can't be purchased. He is exactly what we need in a mayor, I see that and I will fight for him until it's conclusion.

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San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Banned From San Diego Hooters Locations

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August 13, 2013 at 5:45 p.m. ( )

Filner Vows To Move Forward As Mayor In Recall Response

I love that pic with Bob; what you do not see in him I do. What I am doing is standing next to a modern day political "Picasso" of a man. Like a great and noble artist, I see him spreading love and color and sunshine all through San Diego like I have never seen before. Just look what he has done so far for our beautiful city as his response says, I am so thankful. His sensitivity and thoughtfulness and sincerity are genuine and un-selfish. Maybe he is a megalomaniac but it is not in an evil way. His love cup runneth over, like the droplets of paint from the brush of a master. He really is the evolution, but now he is wounded. I am not going to throw Bob in the trash like most of you are, I'm going to stick by him because he is of the heart, not of the dollar. That IS the evolution, get it? I am sure he gets the message by now, no fuki-fuki Bob, so let him heal and start with a clean fresh slate. And then we can stop all this stupid bickering and get back to work.

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Filner Vows To Move Forward As Mayor In Recall Response

Well then, all you "recallers" $hould pony up to the effort. Papa Doug would $ure appreciate a donation to the cause. How about $1000.00 each, that could get the "kitty" up to $20,000. Put in some effort instead of stealth anonymous comments that make you "feel" involved. Put up the cash or shut up. Post your contribution amount here.

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Filner Responds To Recall Effort

Thousands of dollars, wow! I am so impressed!! Seems these recall people are not putting their money where their mouth is. There should be over $300,000.00 by now just to start this dark campaign, and to my absolute glee there is nothing. Seems this is just a few jealous citizens with really loud bullhorns yelling to a indifferent crowd, Lol!!

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Filner Vows To Move Forward As Mayor In Recall Response

Atta boy Bob, DON'T GIVE UP! You are MY MAYOR for 3 more years and I like that. The recall will fail and so will Papa Doug and his gangster club of money worshippers. I love your response and I believe in you, just keep the hands in the pockets from now on eh? I forgive you!!!

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The Legal Issues Surrounding Mayor Filner And Sexual Harassment Allegations

As another writer wrote, all of this heavy unprecedented local and national media coverage could be construed as "Jury Tampering" by a select few of Bob's haters. Bob will not get a fair trial here or anywhere else for that matter and because of that it could possibly be thrown out of court. Besides, yesterday my neighbor yelled out of his window, "Hey your boy Bob is in a lot of trouble, laugh laugh. But he's just looking for a girlfriend like we all are, laugh, laugh. It's no big deal to me, he's a good guy laugh laugh."

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Nurse Wanting Help For Marine Says Filner Made Unwanted Sexual Advances

There is no DNA, no photos, no sexting, just claims. Plus I think half of them women have hidden tattoos somewhere and could whack the hell out of Bob if he got too frisky.

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Nurse Wanting Help For Marine Says Filner Made Unwanted Sexual Advances

ph3000, such clarity! Well done :)

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Filner Recall Organizers Pallamary, Corbin Will Combine Efforts

Can you comp me a dinner for 2 at the Marine Room? :)

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