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Comments made by stubbs

San Diego County Supervisors Compared: Politics, Discretionary Funds, Salaries

Nice hit piece paid for partially by tax dollars, I assume. But then, in your fundraising, you seem to never mention that all tax payers are forced to support your partisanship, of which this program is a perfect example. So let's not talk about freedom of speech and being forced to support speech I find odious. You at KPBS don't want to go there.

I especially liked all the supporters of the county board being allowed to speak, since the public has voted the board into office and not the critics you also gave voice to. The implication of this show is that there is the right wing County Board, and there are the rest of us, all its critics.

I especially liked the Todd Gloria critiques, since he serves on an equally one sided body and gives his constituents who are not democrats or open borders supporters. or political leftists so much of his attention and deference.

And let's not forget how eager Democrats are to have term limits in venues where they do not dominate, like on the city council and in state legislatures, They really are the party of altruism. Now if you want the county's finances to look like those of the city, just take the advice of this program's producers to heart. And by the way, I want to live on Fifth Avenue in New York and I want all of you reading this to help pay for it.

June 2, 2010 at 8:47 p.m. ( | suggest removal )