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Comments made by suetiggers

California Parole System Criticized

You make a lot of sense, so that means not enough attention will be paid to the truth of what you say. If they started working on making our justice system more just and getting all the people out of our prisons who do not belong there, because they are not violent, the prisons would not be so packed. If all the people in there for minor weed offenses, if all the wrongly convicted were not in there (and there are many more of these than most people know....plea bargains assure that there's a steady stream of people who do some violation of parole to go right back in) and then most people who think and read know the comments about people of color being disproportionately represented were not, well, there'd be plenty of room for seriously dangerous people. (course, the racist bigots among us truly believe all those of color are there cause they belong there..and I am white)...

Does anybody even CARE that the big majority of people now on these
registries are NOT DANGEROUS, ARE NOT INTERESTED IN CHILDREN. Isn't there a big difference between someone who is interested in a 10 yr. old and a 15 or 16 yr. old (who is consenting and very possibly lying about their age ??) ] But those with closed minds, who love to hate won't know this truth about the registries, don't want to know that. Lump everyone together, keep putting more and more people on the registry..That's their answer. I'm sure the truly dangerous pedophiles like Garrido love it...bloated registries filled with the non dangerous sex offenders help hide them for how many years, was it??? The cry is make them tougher. That means more of the same...Is quantity quality. The quality of these registries is pathetic.

April 11, 2010 at 8:22 p.m. ( | suggest removal )